Ways To Promote Food Safety In Your Restaurant


Food safety is a big concern in restaurants that have a high volume. It all depends on planning, having a great restaurant setup, and having employees who know their stuff. Here are some things to think about for restaurant food safety. Give Incentives for People to Get Educated Part of your food safety within the restaurant will depend on you having dedicated and educated employees. You may want to create incentives for employees to get trained in food safety, such as by taking a food service program.

5 January 2017

Know Your Venison: Options For Wild Game Processing


If you are a hunter, chances are you aren't set up to process your deer or elk yourself. It's a lot of work, and unless you have the required heavy-duty commercial equipment and are a skilled butcher, it's best to leave the job to experienced wild game processors. When you drop your cervidae off, the family that deer, elk, and moose belong to, the game processor will most likely want to see your tag.

22 December 2016

4 Questions To Consider Before You Hire Your Wedding Caterer


Choosing wedding reception catering is a major decision. The food that you serve at your wedding will be one of the highlights of the day. This is why it is so important that you take the time to make sure that you hire the right caterer for your special day. Here are a couple questions you should consider before you hire the caterer. 1. How Many Weddings Will They Cater Over The Weekend Of Your Wedding?

23 December 2014