Ways To Promote Food Safety In Your Restaurant


Food safety is a big concern in restaurants that have a high volume. It all depends on planning, having a great restaurant setup, and having employees who know their stuff. Here are some things to think about for restaurant food safety.

Give Incentives for People to Get Educated

Part of your food safety within the restaurant will depend on you having dedicated and educated employees. You may want to create incentives for employees to get trained in food safety, such as by taking a food service program. Obviously, you want to be selective about who you invest in, so you might offer to pay for the education of employees who have been on board for a year or more. This is a great way of getting employees even more invested in your restaurant while also ensuring that you have staff who are well-educated in food safety, preparation, and inventory management.

Reviewing Best Practices Regularly

Even if people have learned the best techniques for handling food in their food service programs, it will often take some regular review to make sure that all of the practices are being applied to the best of your staff's ability. It's worthwhile to set aside some training time on a regular basis to review food safety issues. You could focus on a specific area of food safety each week or month to jog people's memory on all of the details.

Making Sure You Have Enough (Functioning) Equipment

Some food safety accidents can happen because there is not enough equipment to adequately provide food safety. For example, if you have fridges or freezers that are overloaded, they will not adequately cool food within the time frame that's safe. The same goes for heating supplies. You'll want to get all of these appliances evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that they are keeping food at the correct temperatures and that there aren't uneven spots within the hot or cold space. Buying used restaurant equipment is one way to replace appliances that aren't functioning correctly, or buy additional equipment to meet your capacity, without breaking the bank.

Make Sure That You're Adequately Staffed

Finally, it's easier to follow best practices for food safety when your staff aren't fried. Having enough staff to handle the demands of your restaurant is critical. To know if you have enough staff, you could listen to what your employees are saying about their energy and stress levels, or you could hire a consultant to help you determine the right staff presence depending on the level of restaurant demand. 

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5 January 2017

The Importance And Value Of Food Services

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